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School's Out

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Provoked by the cult film 'Blue Spring'...

Set in the same world as the novel 'Battle Royale'...

School's Out...

An original roleplay game set in a collapsed criminal-abundant Japan, there's only one objective to Kyouaku High: stay alive. Whether you're one of the gang members, an innocent trying to keep out of the crossfire or trying to rule vice in the Tokyo Slums, Kyouaku High is focused on a group of criminal teens aged sixteen to nineteen fighting, living and killing in a collapsed, desolate country. School's out.

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The Story
The year is 2032 and Japan was under rule by a Fascist government led by the Dictator, an anonymous faceless president who forced his way to power with the help of Nazi Axis forces. However, Adolf Hitler was defeated and his rule over Europe had collapsed. Yet Japan isolated itself from the new freed world and kept on this extremist rule that Germany had experienced.

Predictably, this elitist, patriotic style of the Dictator was ultimately his downfall. The youth have presently spiralled out of control and with a 45% unemployment rate, millions upon millions are out of a job. This fusion of rebellious adolescence and desperate adults led to a vicious cycle of crime and drugs. Riots were frequent, bombs fired at Government buildings constantly and teachers, police and politicians being murdered and assaulted everyday. Japan was in a state of emergency.
The adults lost confidence and slowly but surely, the Government collapsed. Those with money and the almost worthless permission of the Government managed to leave the country to Korea and China. Unfortunately, millions of wealthy and poor alike could not escape the hellhole that was Japan but extreme measures were made to keep the rich safe.

Thousands of businessmen, politicians and their families fleed to 'Barricade Zones'. Reservations surrounded by huge barricades of concrete and metal as they shut themselves off from the poor, criminal teenagers and adults.
The Government became less and less involved with the outside world, only catering to the rich and powerful whilst poverty and disease began to plague the commoners of Japan. Millions were still fighting, killing, raping and murdering.
Slums were a common sight and there was little respect for anything anymore. Nobody was safe.

Our story is set in the Tokyo Slums, the largest slum-area in Japan and the most notorious. One half of the once prosperous metropolis is a walled, soldier guarded Barricade Zone yet nobody from the Slums has ever got close enough since it is located some good few miles outside of Tokyo.
In central Tokyo, in the Old Shinjuku area, is our setting. The now abandoned subway and train stations are full of psychos, rapists and murderers and the shanty towns are a mix of innocent poor families trying to keep out of the line of fire, gangs of youths fighting for territory or drugs lords and those who rule vice in the Tokyo Slums.
And right in the middle of it all is Kyouaku High, an almost deserted school that was one of the largest of it's kind. There are no lessons hardly anymore, but the school ground is host to some of the deadliest gangs around yet some students do attempt to have an education but whether their teachers turn up or are still alive is a mystery. A few teachers try to stay in the classrooms with a select, studious few but Kyouaku High is frequently the battlezone of feuding gangs of teenagers. The corridors often see the brutal beatings of fellow classmates and screams resound from the playground as gun shots are ocassionally fired. The class of students is a sickly cocktail of underage sex, drugs, alcohol, rape and murder. Today's lesson is to choose your own future...

Welcome to Kyouaku High, stay alive, try to keep your head down and live life, or maybe stay in a gang fighting like the rest of the delinquents, but there are the daring view who act like they own the place with intention of ruling the vice. Whatever path you take, just make sure of one thing; if you're not careful you could be found washed-up alongside some polluted river or end up talking to a gun barrel as your last memory. School's out kids, school's out.


1.) No Godmodding, whatsoever! I can't stand anything worse than to hear a post like this:

"Hiya Ikura," laughed Malia, "You're going to die!" And Malia saw Ikura run forward but she stabbed him and killed him horribly!

Just...no. Don't Godmod and try to keep Character Control to a minimum and you should always consult the owner of the other Player-Character if you're needing to control them in anyway.

2.) All posts should be in third-person and there's a minimum of three paragraphs every post. We don't want a few lines we want descriptive, detailed posts. If you're a *Walks in* Hi! then leave because this isn't the RPG for you. We expect proper spelling and grammar. Try to keep your writing top-notch and of good quality. Thankies!

3.) Your profile must be accepted before you can begin Roleplaying. The link to the character template is near the top of this page. Use that and post it in the Submission Profiles thread, and also the link for that is located near the top too. If you post before your profile is accepted by a Moderator or a member with permission for accepting profiles, then that post will be deleted and if this happens more than once by the same offender your submitted profile will be deleted.

4.) There is a maximum of 2 characters per person and if you are found to have anymore, your characters will be killed off as we see manipulating more than 2 characters is unfair. If you have one profile of one character accepted, then you still need your secondary character to be accepted also.

5.) The Killing/Wound System Originally created by Ikura of BR Roleplay

I) Thankyou to Ikura for granting permission for Kyouaku High to use this system. Firstly, a post must be made initating the attack. Whatever is in that post is up to you, but it must end when that attack is initatied, i.e:

...ready to kill, ready to kill. Holding back no more sorrow for the man in front of her, Katy pulled the trigger.

And that's it, you cannot post after that as it results in Godmodding.

II) Step two is that at the bottom of the post, you must declare what time it is and your timezone (e.g: GMT etc) along with whether you're attempting to Kill or Wound. Can we please stress that Wound Attempts should be more common than Kills.

III) Now this is the point where the audience come in. Comment in that post with either Suceed or Fail as the title of that comment and nothing else. Please give a valid reason for your vote but your vote must be decided on certain factors only:

a) Roleplaying Ability: How detailed and enjoyable the character attempting to Wound/Kill has been with their writer against the victim that the Wound/Kill has been put on.

b) Activeness: If the person who is victim of the Wound/Kill vote is highly unactive and rarely, if ever, posts, this would sway your vote to Kill and vice versa with the character attempting the Wound/Kill.

c) Improvement/Development: Whether either character has improved in RP ability is a factor to consider alongside how developed these characters have become, in addition to how three dimensial we see them.

d) Multiple Wounds: If a character has been wounded previously, the chance of them being Killed or Wounded futher is a lot higher, so please consider this.

We must stress that you cannot vote Kill/Fail purely because you don't want that character to die or you'd like to see what happened if that character didn't die. If they are your favourite you must give a valid reason as to why it should survive the vote aside from the fact you are fond of them.

IV) Voting will commence over a period of 24 hours and the final result will be announced by a Moderator. The attacker can only post after the attacked has posted with their reaction. If it's a Kill, the attacked character must make a death post but if it's Wound, the Moderators will declare what the wound is. If your character is killed or wounded, deal with it. Don't take it badly, but once your character is dead, there's no resurrection; they stay dead.

6.) Territory
Territory plays a large part in the world of Kyouaku High, with almost every gang fighting it out for extra territory to add to their domain. The current gangs and their territory is updated often on the Tokyo Slums Map. (Link is at the top of this page.)

I) Only Gang Leaders can determine if they want to try and take over enemy territory. A Gang Member cannot rush in and declare a Territory War.

II) The beginning of a Territory War is sparked by the Gang Leader making a post stating OOC at the beginning that a Territory War has been issued. The Gang Leader will list two other Gang Members in this OOC section at the beginning of the post and two Gang Members only. Then, a normal Kill/Wound Attempt post is made.

III) The only Gang Member who can reply to this is the Gang Leader of the Gang who are attacked for their Territory. They make an OOC section themselves with two Gang Members of their choice and then make a Defending Post. This Defending Post is just like a normal Kill/Wound Attempt post also except that it must seem as if this character is defending it's territory with it ending at the pull of a trigger, move of a fist, stab of a dagger etc.

IV) Now the selected Gang Members make a post, with the Attackers doing as their Leader has with a Kill/Vote Attempt post and the Defenders doing the same as their Gang Leader. Once all posts have been made, a Territory War has commenced.

V) On the very last post of the last Gang Member to attack/defend, people must vote by comment with the title being the name of the Gang they want to see victorious. Again, vote on RP Ability, Activeness and Improvement/Development. After 24 Hours, the winner is announced. If the Attackers win, they gain a proportional size of the enemy territory or surrounding unowned territory. If the Defenders win, territory stays the same.

VI) If a gang loses all their territory, the Gang will cease to exsist.

7.) Although this is common sense, this RPG is not Anime based and therefore don't act like this RPG is an Anime. This basically means your Character(s) are not Super-human i.e: jumping in the air 50 metres, super strength, flying, coming back from the dead etc.

8.) Enjoy!